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product image windsurf board ahd tactik


The pleasure of windsurfing in light airs, of going upwind in a list, of gliding through the slightest breeze… the AHD TACTIK offers the gliding qualities of an Open and the planning performance of a Formula.
The Tactik’s tail is wide and rectangular with a large V, just like a true Formula board, allowing you to plan very quickly. On the plane, the Tactik glides over its fin and V with great control.

The V has evolved into a ‘bulbous’ nose which, with a fairly short but not too taut scoop, allows the board to glide quickly when heeled over, giving you total freedom on the tail. The result is a raceboard feel in light airs that can evolve into a gliding hull at higher speeds.

The razor-sharp rails and double cut-out tail are the ideal combination for explosive starts and excellent jibing.


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product image windsurf board ahd tactik
Volume (L) 250
Length (cm) 320
Width 76
OFO (cm) 59
Construction Sandwich PVC
Weight (kg) 17

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