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A complete guide to wing foil harness [2023]


The harness when you practice wing foil can be useful. We explain you through this video and article the advantages. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .

Why a belt leash in wing foiling?

The belt allows the leash to drag less in the water and above all you can put a harness hook on the wing foil to have more freedom in your movements and in your navigation. A harness will also provide some sort of assistance, on demand, on long freeride runs. It will also stabilize the wing and thus allow to obtain better performances for the windward ascent (less energy lost).

What's the best wing foiling harness?

Several types of harnesses exist. The belt harness for kitesurfing or windsurfing with a metal buckle or the lumbar strap with a 3D printed buckle. Because of the lower pulls than in kitesurfing or windsurfing, we recommend the smaller, cheaper wing harnesses. In addition, due to the many falls in wing foil, the 3D printed loops will be less likely to damage the board when you get back on it.

AFS wingfoiling harness

We opted for a model with a really suitable design. More than a simple belt, we  wanted a wider design all in neoprene to cover the entire surface of the lumbar region. The belt is simply closed with a stainless steel buckle. Several loops all along the belt allow to attach the leash of board, the wing,… It is possible to pass in the strap a buckle of harness. Finally, on the back of the belt, we have chosen a large pocket with a zipper to carry, for example, a screwdriver and wedges to adjust the foil, or cereal bars, a waterproof cell phone, a small radio, it’s your choice.

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