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To start wing foiling and progress with confidence

Accessible, the Carver front wings have a thick profile allowing for quick take off and very low speed flight. Its shape and more particularly its pronounced arrow brings comfort and healthy support to apprehend your maneuvers.



The thick profile of the wing will allow to favor low speed flight. It generates lift very quickly and smoothly to keep control of your foil.


Its wingspan and its rope make it a generous wing. The whole foil is therefore soft and intuitive allowing you to feel safe. Moreover, its low ratio aspect allows to pass its maneuvers easily. No need to accelerate before a jibe, the Carver flies by itself, and the maneuver passes quietly.


Slight camber (constant radius anhaedron) providing a very good grip of the foil and especially avoiding stall.

Made in France

Made of pre-preg carbon in France, the foil is rigid and light. With pre-preg fabrics, the carbon fiber is directly impregnated with epoxy resin during its manufacture. This guarantees a perfect ratio between epoxy and carbon, and represents the best quality process. Laser-cut, then assembled in a stack, the carbon fibers are then positioned in a mold that is mounted at high temperature, providing strength and durability.

Carver range


Span : 905 mm Surface : 1500 cm2 Aspect Ratio : 5.5


Span : 961 mm
Surface area: 1700 cm2
Aspect Ratio : 5.4

Mast/ fuselage

The ALPHA mast offers a 13.6 cm rope to provide stability and support.
The 16 mm profile provides rigidity and direct transmission between you and your foil. This rigidity allows a very good pumping performance. Always on a French construction in carbon pre-preg bringing lightness and 0 maintenance. Set compatible with the alpha fuselage available in 71 cm and 67 cm.


Versatile, evolving and without surprise, the Tracer stabilizer is the all-terrain of the range. From 200 to 440, it offers perfect control to give you total confidence in any situation.

Lightweight and without maintenance

The full carbon construction brings stiffness and lightness to the foil. In the same way, you will not be bothered with marine aggressions such as corrosion that could weaken it.

Complete foil weight (front wing, mast, fuselage, stabilizer) on average – 3 kg.

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