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Launches a new 100% Wave Riding range

Laurent Borgna

Laurent Borgna is a designer well known for his tubercle (bump) foil models inspired by the biomimicry of the whale. He joined the AFS team in 2023 with the first project to develop a specific range of foils for wave riding.

A long-time water sports enthusiast, he started competing in windsurfing as a youngster. At that time he studied mechanical engineering.

Laurent then switched to kiteboarding where he practiced surfing and kitefoiling. He succeeded in combining his passion and his work by designing some products for well known brands from 2019.  His practice allows him to acquire a very specialized knowledge of equipment, and pushes him to tweak and develop his equipment to better adapt it to his morphology and optimise his sessions and enjoyment.

Laurent is based in New Caledonia, the ideal place to test his designs in all conditions, whether for downwind, surfing or wing foil, all year round.

Silk Range

The ultimate wave riding foil. The overall shape of the foil offers the optimal balance of glide, manoeuvrability and control. Work the smallest wave with surgical precision and pump to the peak effortlessly.


Made in France. 

Front wing

 Surface (cm2)Span (mm)Aspect RatioChord (mm)Thickness (mm)Construction
Silk 650650720811513,7UHM Carbon
Silk 850850824813416UHM Carbon
Silk 10501050916815017,9UHM Carbon


 Surface (cm2)Span (mm)Construction
132132300UHM Carbon
142142320UHM Carbon
152152340UHM Carbon


This Silk mast was designed specifically for wave riding. 14 mm thick, 115 mm chord, 80cm long, the ideal glide/maneuverability ratio. Full high modulus carbon construction with impeccable rigidity. The connection between the mast and the fuselage is made by a conical assembly which allows to keep the inertia of the fuselage. This last one was moreover sharpened. The whole is thus ultra-rigid and optimized for a perfect fluid flow.


Smooth As Silk

Huge attention has been paid to the smoothness of the transition between back side and front side turns. The ultimate flow whether it is in the strongest carve or the most flowing lines.

The use of tubercles (bumps) combined with winglets allows to optimise low range, stability and control even in the most disturbed and aerated waters. You have maximum confidence to dynamically “tip out” carve, whilst keeping full control.

Adaptive Design

Aspect ratio, sweep, dihedral and fuselage length have been developed specifically for each front foil size. We have chosen to provide more longitudinal stability and high speed control for the smaller foils by lengthening the fuselage. Similarly, a perfectly matched stabiliser has been developed for each front foil for a completely balanced setup.

Price (Available in May (Europe) / June (US))

Silk 650 1 279 €
Silk 850 1 299 €
Silk 1050 1 319 €
Stab Silk 229 €
Mât Silk HM 80 cm 971 €

So for a complete foil, full carbon, made in France, the price starts from 2 479 euros.

Good news never comes alone…

Chipri Courde

We are proud and happy to welcome Chipri to the AFS team. Renowned for his committed foil surfing style, we have developed a range of boards with him specifically for foil surfing: Chipri Pro.

Chipri Pro's Range

The most versatile and innovative board to date! This board has a progressive shape and can be ridden with any foil, from surf, high aspect or even tiny tow-in foils.

Made In France


Chipri Pro 3’103’1019′3′26LDouble Rail USTriaxial Carbon Construction
Chipri Pro 4’44’419′3’735LDouble Rail USTriaxial Carbon Construction

Price (Available in June)

Chipri Pro 3’10 1 399 €
Chipri Pro 4’4 1 399 €


Innovative Prone Board

With the new generation of foils and the evolution of riding styles, we opted for a specific deck curvature giving the board feel and personality. Just like snowboarding, we are talking about a W Camber. You have a real camber under your feet which greatly increases the responsiveness and pop of the board. There are 3 rocker zones (or reverse camber) in the nose, tail and between the feet. These sections optimize the board’s playfulness, forgiveness and lift.

T-Tail Inspiration

Inspired by the T-Tail, which is well known in many practices, the wideners add width for riding either off set or on axis.

Double Rail US Step

The double rail US is directly embedded in the board. It allows to keep a straight attitude on all the foil setting positions. It then accepts all types of foils (from surf foils, HA performance foils and small tow-in foils).

Salient Double Concave

A pronounced double concave at the front of the board allows you to follow an Archimedean trajectory, especially for short boards. This will help the board gain speed and take off.

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