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Fuse Link connection

Already available in our SILK foil range and the Pure 560.

The Time-Tested. But...

The reliable Performer connection that you are familiar with is now 8 years old.

It is the very first mast/fuselage attachment that AFS created when we introduced the AFS Surf! It has met our demanding expectations and continues to deliver solid performance.

Old — Performer connection

But the time has come for a new better connection — The Fuse Link connection

With developed design have made the decision to add a mast/fuselage new connection option.

New — Fuse Link connection

Sleek Innovation

The Fuse Link consists of a highly refined conical assembly for the connection between the mast and the fuselage.

This allows a thinner fuselage and mast profile increasing stiffness, and reducing drag.

Effortless Rigidity

The Fuse Link is easily and sturdily mounted using 2 M8 screws. The entire assembly is extremely rigid and optimized for smooth and perfect flow.

The new Fuse Link connection, already available in our SILK foil range and the Pure 560.

New connection - new masts

The creation of a new mast connection led to the development of improved masts. Resulting in masts that were stronger and more efficient than their predecessors.

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