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Attack the wave the right way!

With a Tomo, rectangular and compact outline, these shapes are remarkably stable and very reactive in the wave.

OSS Epoxy Carbon

We follow a unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabric, reinforcements, and casings are applied in a double-shell mould. A one-shot sandwich (OSS) construction.Then baked in a process that allows for ideal polymerisation of resins for perfect reproduction and optimal weight/strength ratio.  The resin used for our boards is a biosourced epoxy, SR GreenPoxy (more than 33% of the molecules come from plant sources).


The Prism can surf all varieties of soft and hollow waves. They are the best compromise to surf dynamically on any occasion.


The hull is flat in the nose to give you a more dynamic lean and take-off. A long V on the tail adds maneuverability and pivot to this shape which is wider at the tail than a classic board. A long double concave stretches the rocker to accelerate during the flat phases of the wave.

Shape Tomo

the rectangular outline offers more support on both ends (nose/tail). The board is well positioned on its outline and provides much more stability at the stop than a traditional board pinched at the front/back which then pivots more easily on its beam. In less powerful waves, the Tomo outline provides extra support to generate more speed and recovery.

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