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Flyer Full Set

Flyer Full Set

The Flyer foil is designed to accompany you on your first wingfoil flights and beyond. Its smooth takeoff, stability, control, and predictability make it the ideal foil to easily learn how to fly, go upwind, perform your first manoeuvres, and even venture into small waves under a wing. Its great versatility allows the Flyer to accompany you throughout your progression, without the need to change foils. Enjoy long-lasting reliability and performance with this exceptionally forgiving and efficient foil.

Available : 1800 December 2023 – 1500 February 2024


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Made in France

2-year warranty

14-day return policy

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Flyer Front Wing

Surface (cm2) 1500 | 1800
Span (mm) TBA | 1050
Aspect Ratio TBA | 6.3
Max Chord (mm) TBA | 205
Max Thickness (mm) TBA | TBA
Construction Carbone HR / Corecell
Front wing weight (kg) TBA | TBA
Full set weight (kg) TBA | 3,1
Screw M8x20mm Torx 45


Size chart


75 Kg or less 1500
75 Kg or more 1800