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HM Carbon Mast

HM Carbon Mast

The mast is one of the most important parts of your foil: glide, sailing comfort and control underfoot depend in part directly on the mast. That’s why the AFS HM range has been specially designed to provide the ideal combination of glide, rigidity and versatility. They will enable you to practice all disciplines.


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All our products are guaranteed for 2 years (and 3 years for AFS Advanced).
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HM Fuselink

Length (cm) 80 | 85
Chord (mm) 120 | 120
Thickness (mm) 15 | 15
Construction Carbone HM / Ame corecell
Weight(kg) TBA


Size chart

The 85cm length provides great versatility and tolerance in use. You don’t need a lot of bottom, easy turns without getting overwhelmed, absolute rigidity and pumping is very efficient. It’s the ideal weapon if you spend more than 60% of your time on wing foils and the rest on sup foils, surf foils, etc.

With a length of 80 cm, it’s a mast between the surf and wing programmes. It’s perfect if you’re on a 50/50 ratio.