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Are you looking for a stand-up paddleboard that can glide smoothly without tiring you out during your cruising trips? Are you also looking for a board that can handle waves well? The Fluid is perfect for you!

A large board that is easy to use, smooth-gliding, and capable of surfing all types of waves. It is truly slippery, and the Fluid can take you on your first downwind rides in strong winds.


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Volume (L) 145 | 165
Length (cm) 11’6
Width (cm) 30′ 3/4 | 32′
Construction PVC Sandwich
Fin Box Single fin (US) + 4 side boxes
Weight (kg) 11 | 11.2

Size chart

> 65 kg 11’6
65 – 70 kg 11’6
70 – 75 kg 11’6
75 – 80 kg 11’6
80 – 85 kg 11’6 W
85 – 90 kg 11’6 W
90-95 kg 11’6 W
> 95 kg 11’6 W