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Access Pack

Access Pack

This pack will allow you to get started with wing foiling.

The Flyer foil is highly versatile and performs well at low speeds due to its thick profile. Maneuvers and transitions are therefore made easier. Whether it’s light wind takeoffs, freeriding dock starts, wave riding, or jumping, this foil can do it all. Navigating with a carbon foil enables you to learn faster (thanks to its lighter weight and quicker takeoff), experience direct sensations, and, most importantly, requires zero maintenance.

The Fly boards, designed in TOMO shape, provide stability and comfort.

The reputation of the WILF is well-established. Versatile and suitable for all types of practitioners.


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Front Wing

Surface (cm2) 1300
Envergure (mm) 1000
Aspect Ratio 7.7
Max Chord (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Fuselage Size (cm) 70
Construction Prepreg Carbon
Weight (kg) 2.9 (complete foil)
Screw Size 30 mm


Length 5’10 | 6’2
Width (cm) 71 | 68.5
Volume (L) 102 | 110
Construction PVC Sandwich
Fin Box Double Rail US
Weight (kg) 7 | 7.3
Strap Inserts Yes


Size (cm) 75
Rake (°) 0
Construction Full Carbon


Surface (cm2) 310
Wingspan (mm) 480
Aspect Ratio 7.4
Max Chord (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Construction Prepreg Carbon
Screw Size 25 mm

Size chart

< 65 kg Fly 5’10
65 – 70 kg Fly 5’10
70 – 75 kg Fly 5’10
75 – 80 kg Fly 5’10
80 – 85 kg Fly 5’10
85 – 90 kg Fly 6’2
90 – 95 kg Fly 6’2
> 95 kg Fly 6’2