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Pure Fuselink Foil

Pure Fuselink Foil

Whether you’re involved in the competition circuit or just want to shoot the breeze with friends, perfect your freestyle manoeuvres or carve out some nice curves on the waves and connect multiple rides then the Pures are for you.


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Made in France

3-year warranty

14-day return policy

If there is no indication to the contrary on the product sheet, this means that the product is in stock. Delivery is therefore made within 48 hours.
All our products are guaranteed for 2 years (and 3 years for AFS Advanced).
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One-piece front wing

Surface (cm2) 700 | 900
Span (mm) 820 | 900
Aspect Ratio 9.6 | 9.2
Cord max (mm) 112 | 137
Thickness max (mm) 11.5 | 14.1
Fuselage sizeĀ  (mm) 574 | 555
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight (kg)
Screw size



Size chart

Wind range 10 – 20 knots

Pure 700 <75 kg
Pure 900 >75 kg

Plage de vent >20 noeuds

Pure 700 All sizes