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Silk – Monobloc

wave riding carbon foil SILK by AFS

Silk – Monobloc

The ultimate wave riding foil. The overall shape of the foil offers the optimal balance of glide, manoeuvrability and control. Work the smallest wave with surgical precision and pump to the peak effortlessly. The use of UHM carbon (Ultra High Modulus) allows the foil section to be optimised to give the foil the perfect combination of strength, stiffness and very noticeable lightness.

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wave riding carbon foil SILK by AFS
Surface (cm2) 650 | 850 | 1050
Wingspan (mm) 720 | 824 | 916
Aspect Ratio 8
Max Chord (mm) 115 | 134 | 150
Thickness (mm) 13.7 | 16 | 17.9
Fuselage Length (cm) 68.9 | 68.8 | 68.7
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight (kg) TBA | 0.96 | 1.0
Screw Size M8x45

Size chart

Silk 650 Designed for top surf foilers and very small riders. Excellent for wing foiling in waves, suitable for kitefoil wave and tow-in. Medium to strong conditions. Best with 132 Silk stab.
Silk 850 Designed for experienced surf foilers and wing foilers in intermediate wind and wave conditions. Can be considered for kite foil freewave. Best with 142 Silk stab.
Silk 1050 Ideal for high-level wave riders seeking performance in lighter conditions for surf foiling and wing foiling. Best with 152 Silk stab.