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Have a single board for
all disciplines

Big sister of the Sealion Classic with double US tracks for foiling. Thanks to its outline, it offers stability on a short board. Take advantage of it for a cruise and have radicalness in the waves thanks to its retro fish tail.

Retro fish tail

The retro fish allows you to carve on a half tail. It brings lightness and manoeuvrability requiring less power from your legs.

Practice in SUP freeride

The Sealion was the very first compact SUP on the market! Imagine at the time this board was 7’6 long when all the others were between 10′ and 12′!? The Sealion is a stable, short SUP that becomes responsive and very controllable in the surf.

Its specific and recognisable shape allows you to get a board that glides on its own to enjoy your SUP rides or with your family.

Practice in windsurfing

Windsurf from the smallest wave to the most beautiful surfsailing conditions in the lightest winds. Discover the exceptional sensations of the strapless practice during big freeride carves…

Practice in waveriding

A large concave single stretches the rocker line, more curved than on a Sealion Classic. The Sealion Wings is then more radical in the wave trough and much faster. The rail sections are thinner for more aggressive carving.

Practice in foil

The double US track mounted in the Sealion Wings will allow you to position the foil according to your practice.

Tight outline and simple concave

The concave also provides more stability from a lower volume, and tightens the rocker line in the centre for speed

Rails more carve

Like a true surfboard the rails are very thin to enter the curve and accentuate the carve. The Sealion Wings enjoys surfing on its rail, more so than the Sealion Classic.

Rocker plus curve

With its thinner rails and faster hull, the Sealion Wings has become much more radical! She is able to go out and play in the hollow and turn shorter. It was necessary to adapt its rocker, by bringing more curve to it to optimise this gain of performances.

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