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Ultimate wave riding foil


Huge attention has been paid to the smoothness of the transition between back side and front side turns. The ultimate flow whether it is in the strongest carve or the most flowing lines.

The use of tubercles (bumps) combined with winglets allows to optimise low range, stability and control even in the most disturbed and aerated waters. You have maximum confidence to dynamically "tip out" carve, whilst keeping full control.

This Silk mast was designed specifically for wave riding. 14 mm thick, 115 mm chord, 80cm long, the ideal glide / manoeuvrability ratio. Ultra High Modulus carbon construction for rigidity.

The foils are directly moulded with the fuselage in one piece allowing a continuity of the carbon structural fibres while keeping a perfect hydrodynamic flow to maximise glide. This process provides the necessary rigidity for a perfect transmission of rider input, unequalled control and ultra precise riding of the foil for simply the best performance.

Aspect ratio, sweep, dihedral and fuselage length have been developed specifically for each front foil size. We have chosen to provide more longitudinal stability and high speed control for the smaller foils by lengthening the fuselage. Similarly, a perfectly matched stabiliser has been developed for each front foil for a completely balanced setup.

Conical assembly for the mast / fuselage connection which allows to keep the inertia of the refined fuselage. The result, the whole is ultra rigid and optimised for a perfect fluid flow.

Use of carbon in UHM (Ultra High Modulus). This allows the foil section to be optimised while give the foil at the same time, strength, stiffness and lightness.


Silk front wing 650 850 1050
Surface 650 cm2 850 cm2 1050 cm2
Span 720 mm 824 mm 916 mm
Aspect Ratio 8 8 8
Chord 115 mm 134 mm 150 mm
Thickness 13.7 mm 16 mm 17.9 mm
Construction UHM Carbon UHM Carbon UHM Carbon
Silk stab 132 142 152
Surface 132 cm2 142 cm2 152 cm2
Span 300 mm 320 mm 340 mm
Aspect Ratio 6.8 7.2 7.6
Chord 58.8 mm 58 mm 57.3 mm
Thickness 7.1 mm 7 mm 6.9 mm
Construction UHM Carbon UHM Carbon UHM Carbon
Silk Mast
Length 80 cm
Minimum chord 115 mm
Thickness 13.8 mm
Build UHM Carbon
Weight 1.74 Kg
Screws M8x45
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